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Graphic Design 2018-03-15T17:54:22+00:00

Graphic design is the visual communication of a message to a target audience. It is in the form of an artistic nature, with professional presentation. Here at Downingtown Printing, we can work with drawn, painted, or computer generated images combining those symbols, images, or text and transforming them into a visual messages or ideas. With graphic design you can persuade, attract attention to, identify, alert, inform about different products or services, as well as create awareness. We combine art with technology to form what is known as graphic design. Common uses of graphic design are found in magazines, advertisements, commercials, as well as product packaging such as logos. The components of the design whether image or type based must be clear and concise, accurately communicating with those who come into contact with it. Images, if used appropriately can be a compelling enough means of communication to evoke certain emotions from their viewer. Words are rarely used in image based print; therefore those pictures, symbols, or colors must employ the intent of the message accurately. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, image based graphic design is quite popular among Downingtown Printings design team. As with type based, not only are the words important, but also the design and layout of the word. These words are transformed to present written text in visual captivating form. Spacing, font, size, margins, indentations, décor, and typeface are just some of the design themes for text communication that are taken into consideration here at Downingtown Printing for graphic design. We strive to analyze and evaluate your message in order to accurately communicate to your target audience. Whether text based or image based, your vision is our masterpiece.

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