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Brochures are a type of leaflet or pamphlet used to convey information. They can be found in numerous locations such as tourist attractions, doctor’s offices, health clinics shops, and salons. Their two most popular formats are the booklet and single sheet versions. We at Downingtown Printing can create either bi-fold or tri-fold single sheet brochures depending on the break-up of information needed to be placed on the brochure. For the booklet style, we can either create the bounded option, which is read like a paperback book, with a plethora of information throughout, or multiple sheet brochures. Your folding options include half fold, tri-fold, z-fold, accordion, or the roll fold. We use higher quality paper, with either a gloss or matte finish. We have numerous brochure sizes, such as 5.5” X 8.5”, 8.5”X 11”, 8.5”X 14”, 11”X 17”, 11”X 23.500”, as well as customizable sizes to fit your need. We can create brochures on paper or cardstock, for whatever thickness you desire. Brochure design comes easy with the help of our design services. Simply give us a vision, and we will work with you to design just the brochure you’re looking for.

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